The Beast

beast2Long ago when time was new there was the Beast. Although related to such famous beasts as Big Foot and the Abominable Snowman, this one was not well known. But the Beast didn`t care. He had more fun than all the others combined, because he had learned to ski.

Through the ages, the Beast labored to build a perfect ski area, which is now known as the Blue (Beast) Hills, deep in the Wisconsin northwoods. Then as mysteriously as the disappearance of the dinosaurs, he grew weary. The Beast fell asleep in one of the caves in the very mountains he had created. Forgotten and alone, the Beast slept.

Eons of time passed. Then, wonderously, a new spirit came to fill the Blue Hills. There was laughter and excitement in the air. The Beast awoke!

Families had discovered his secret. A special ski area to enjoy, free of cares, full of fun. Exciting runs to make blue blood roar, long cruising runs for mellow times and gentle places to build confidence. Spring water snow (for that special bounce) made in such abundance that a "funtastic" snow cave appears annually near the chalet.

Now The Beast symbolizes our welcome for skiers of all ages and abilities to discover the uniqueness of Christie Mountain and to bring out the ski beast in themselves.

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