Terrain Parks


Parks Set up - Updated 12/16/16

Fox Hop


Battleship Rail

A-Frame Rail

Small Kicker

Fuel Drum

Log Jam


Hand Rail


Small Flat Hand Rail Combination


Down Flat Down Rail

Beginner Box

Beginner Pipe

40 Footer

Rainbow Rail

Alli Oop

Small Rainbow Rail

Small Flat

Small A Frame


Roller Jump Kicker


Our progressive terrain parks offer challenges for novice and expert skiers and snowboarders alike. Three of our four parks offer rope tow service for fast accessibility. Those new to terrain park features are able to experience features, including rails, just inches from the ground. Once those are mastered it’s onward and upward. Our two intermediate parks allow you to feel the larger jumps, grind different types of rails and experience the thrill of catching air. Moving on to Rusty's Revenge you will experience the most challenging of features that make this an advanced run.

All in all, from beginner to expert we have the terrain for you!

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